The PoWEr Collective

The PoWEr Collective creates opportunity and connection, which is increasingly vital as the world of work continues to change. PoWEr Up Networking and Mentoring raises aspirations and confidence through engaging students and those in their early career with accessible role models who can provide insightful career and life advice. Paying it forward, being generous and making a difference are central to PoWEr Up events.

“It’s great to hear about other people’s experiences, I feel like starting work is such a big scary thing, so it’s just nice to put yourself at ease and hear other people’s experiences.”
Katie Griffiths Mentee , Barclays
“It’s great to meet people at a slightly earlier stage in their career. My mentee and I are from the same sector but it’s good to come at problems from different angles, it’s interesting to hear different perspectives and the different ways that companies act.”
Bronagh McCloskey Mentor, Head of Public Affairs, TalkTalk
“It was a great opportunity for me to hear advice from different mentors. The idea exchange was great and I got to hear some great advice.”
Jessica Stevens Mentee , Agent Academy

PoWEr Collective Partners

Why not get involved?

Through the investment of PoWEr Collective partners we make sure anyone can take part in our PoWEr Up Networking sessions. Whether you are at the start of your career, a senior leader or anything in between spending one hour to grow your network can have huge benefits. So what are you waiting for? Sign up to one of our monthly PoWEr Up sessions.

Does your organisation want to become a PoWEr Collective Partner?

Becoming a PoWEr Up Partner will not only highlight your organisation as being intentional in investing in and supporting future talent but also as an employer of choice. Forward-thinking organisations are making it a priority to ensure that young people are giving the best chances to create opportunities, furthering social mobility. Investing in the PoWEr Collective will allow you to connect to a community of 85,000, enable your colleagues to give back and build your talent pipeline.

Having already created £750k in social value and sparked over 14,000 conversations, with your investment we can do more…