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The Power Exchange: Gather, Share, Impact
ft. Charlotte Halm
Mon, 16 October, 2023

The Power Exchange is a brand-new enterprise from We Are PoWEr, set to revolutionise the landscape of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and transformative impact.Defined as an incubator for creating social impact, the Power Exchange is a knowledge exchange with the intent to have a positive impact within both organisations and communities by creating a dynamic platform that unites industry leaders. It will provide space and opportunity to collectively tackle pressing societal issues and enact real change. 


The Power Exchange was founded on 3 main principles: gather, share, impact. Every quarter, the Power Exchange GATHERS a variety of passionate industry leaders from influential organisations to harness their collective expertise and resources to drive positive transformation. These include Barclays, Bentley, Royal Navy, EY, Stella, Michael Page, boohoo group PLC, NatWest, Edit, and Bank of America 


Knowledge is SHARED amongst members through speeches from recognised game changers, including relevant headlines around societal issues. This allows members to gain unparalleled access to the latest insights in social value. By sharing this valuable insight, members exchange knowledge based on lived experience from industry leaders which they can go on to implement within their organisations. Organisations joining the Power Exchange will also have the opportunity to network and share their own experiences amongst each other to create connections and collaboration. This also allows for profile building – a perfect opportunity for smaller and upcoming business looking to grow.  


The overall aim of the Power Exchange is to create a lasting social IMPACT. Founder of the Power Exchange as well as Northern Power Women and Power Collective CIC, Simone Roche MBE, has said “we are dedicated to driving positive social change and believe that this initiative will serve as a beacon of inspiration and lead to positive impacts across organisations and in society." Members can enact intentional, positive change through their involvement in this innovative and sustainable network which is driven by data, insight, and experience. Through these quarterly gatherings, businesses will contribute to fostering a community-driven approach to catalyse meaningful change.This is an opportunity to use their power for good! 


There are a wealth of benefits to being part of a knowledge exchange like this. Organisations can specifically benefit from this pot of talent and ideas as it facilitates innovation and problem-solving; consequently, providing members with new skills and tools to enact within their organisations. These better practices will enable businesses to improve their functionality. Access to external knowledge allows organisations to stay updated on recent trends, technology, market demands and societal issues. Mutual learning is also supported through this knowledge exchange, which encourages reflection and self-improvement. Having a mindset of constant improvement allows companies to adapt within this rapidly changing world. The Power Exchange will not only benefit organizations, but it will also contribute to economic, social, cultural, and environmental benefits to society.  

To learn more or get involved, email: olivia@wearepower.net