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The Purpose of Power Profiles: How Role Models Inspire Change
ft. Charlotte Halm
Wed, 29 November, 2023

Understanding the profound impact of role models and their significance in shaping our lives is crucial. So, what is a role model? A role model serves as an inspiration, embodying qualities we aspire to have. They have a positive influence and inspire those around them. They demonstrate to us the different paths that life can take us down and how we can navigate through everything life throws at us.  


Role models can come in all shapes and sizes, but they will often demonstrate qualities such as:

    • Self-awareness: Reflecting on one's behaviour and impact on others. 
    • Positivity: Fostering a can-do spirit. 
    • Humility: Embracing honesty, openness, and encouraging others. 
    • Empathy: Understanding the emotional needs of others. 
    • Integrity: Doing the right thing for the right reasons. 
    • Self-improvement: Constantly seeking ways to improve themselves. 


When discussing role models, it is crucial to recognise the need for representation. It is hard to have the confidence to pursue your dreams when you don’t see people that share your identities and experiences already in those positions. Seeing individuals who mirror our identity, whether in terms of race, gender, or sexuality, achieving success in areas we aspire to can significantly improve our belief in the attainability of our dreams. 

For women, role models play a pivotal role in overcoming gender biases and stereotypes. Research highlights that seeing successful women in various fields expands possibilities, fosters ambition, and provides guidance on navigating challenges. 78% of women say it’s important or very important to see women performing the same work as them. We must recognise how deep-rooted gender roles stereotypes still are for women and how important it is to increase the visibility of female role models for girls and women. This is especially true for those in fields that have been historically dominated by men. 

While we often recognise role models in other people, we can overlook the fact that we ourselves can be role models. When our actions are observed by others, be it our children, partners, friends, or peers, we can serve as a role model for them even if we don’t realise it. By authentically sharing our experiences, we unknowingly become role models, offering guidance through our own unique journeys and experiences. Simply by being honest about our experiences and embracing authenticity, we inherently become role models for others. 


If you want to become a role model, our initiative, Power Profiles: Role Models on Demand, invites individuals to share their unique journeys. We believe in illustrating the unpredictability of life and careers, encouraging others to embrace their distinctive paths. Power Profiles strives to showcase diverse role models and emphasise the diverse nature of life. Our aim is to spotlight the incredible role models within our community, enablingconnections and knowledge sharing. If you're ready to inspire, submit your video and be part of our community of role models. Find more information in this short guideherewhich contains a list of questions to spark your inspiration and how to submit your video.