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Multi sector
1-250 Employees
Manchester, Outside UK


Unapologetically for women
We’re a purpose-driven insurance brand with one aim: to focus on leveling the playing field for women. That’s why we’re delivering insurance solutions that are adapted and tailored to the needs of women.

We want to empower customers and humanise insurance which is clearly no small challenge. But we’re bringing a wealth of experience and passion to the table to help enable this.

The world moves forward when we work together, as partners, allies, equals. That’s why we partner with like-minded people and organisations creating a community to drive actionable change for women. A portion of our profits is given to women focused charities and organisations with a shared vision to help improve the lives of women.

We’re passionate about challenging the status quo, championing equality and building products for a fairer world. We’re starting with insurance. Come and join us.

Why Work Here?

Our vision

A world with gender equality.

We’re striving for a world that embraces gender equality, both socially and economically. That means changing the status quo for women today, and for generations to come.

Our mission

To disrupt the system, empower women and enforce change. 

Our why?

To change the game for women, starting with insurance and financial services.

Stella wants to reimagine insurance processes, products and purpose that reflect women’s perspectives and needs. And, therefore, create a fairer, better world.