Over the last six years we have always known we can make a difference by harnessing our power for good and now we are back better than ever before. We have connected, enabled and joined the dots despite the challenges the last 18 months has brought for our small business. Northern Power Women and Northern Power Futures have stayed committed to accelerating gender equality and social mobility from the North. Over this time, we have found our purpose and are bringing our communities of Northern Power Women, Northern Power Futures and Northern Power Women Awards under one umbrella: WeArePoWEr.

It is amazing to see our communities always rising to the occasion, innovating, adapting and collaborating to ensure everyone receives the support that they deserve. We’ve sparked over 11,000 conversations and created the largest event celebrating gender equality in Europe and this year had 1400 nominations for the NPWAwards 2022. We’ve hosted PoWEr Up networking sessions, won a Webby Award, organised mentoring programmes, launched a new online platform, published our Levelling Up by Powering On Progress report, and grown our podcast portfolio.

I am so proud of all of our achievements and thankful for the unwavering and fearless support we have received from our trailblazing, 85,000 strong community. If this is what we can achieve together during times of uncertainty, I can’t wait to see what we do as we emerge from this period, and walk into our own PoWEr.

The Power Platform

As we continue to build forward better, we’re bringing together everything we do under one umbrella: WeArePoWEr. Building on the foundations of our existing Power Platform, we wanted to create a way for us to measure, recognise and celebrate our community enabling everyone to cohesively spark change, pay it forward, and use our poWEr for good. We are redefining what power means in this new world.

The initial stages of this will be using our Power Platform for all of our communities get involved with all of our events, programmes and opportunities in one central place as well as being able to connect with fantastic role models. .

We want to continue the great work we have done over the last six years and the platform will provide a hub for collaboration, mentoring and creating opportunity. By registering your profile on the platform you not only will be a visible role model but can gain and offer advice and guidance as well as be part of a bigger movement.

Of course, we know how much our community love badges so you can earn recognition and get a badge on your profile when you get involved with our activity.

As we move forward, watch this space for new features on the platform over the coming weeks and months.

We want fairness, we want equity, and we want equality.

We want to accelerate gender equality and diversity from the North.

Let’s do it together. We Are Power.

Founder & CEO, Simone Roche MBE